Been on the web since 1994.

Jeremy L Husby

Jeremy has been designing cooperative web applications since 1999. He also focuses on network engineering, network security, and network forensics. His background covers building automation, systems automation, data analytics, and graphic arts.

What diverseWorx does

Web design & applications, graphic arts, photography, and photo editing.

Network design, structured cabling, system administration, packet forensics, network security, and penetration testing.

Building automation, mechanical automation, access control, video systems, and data capturing and analytics.

diverseWorx primarily implements opensource software and hardware; moreover, prefers deploying linux based operating systems.

We make wishes come true

opensource and openhardware

diverseWorx believes opensource empowers the end user and does not restrict knowledge. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP is our bread and butter when designing an application. It is free and open. We also utilize HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to tailor the UI.

Growth expands in many forms.

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